About Us

Welcome to the DDReptiles website. We are the young company originated from the passion for reptiles and nature. DDR distributing company sell natural decoration, mixed substrates and at the same time make natural biotope vivariums.











My fascination with reptiles became stronger and we have started to study natural conditions which they live in and also make our first line of biotope vivariums.

DSC00539  valley

During our trips around the world we try to explore natural conditions of terraristic animals closely and to use knowledge and ideas in our vivariums trying to imitate these conditions to stimulate their natural habits enough to keep them very happy in captivity. We simulate different biotopes such as desert (Africa, Australia), rain forest (South America) or forest (America). We only use natural and non-toxic products that look naturally and won’t harm your pet.

We are also happy to make customized background for your old or new vivarium. How our vivariums look in real you can find in our Gallery section.


  • Custom made Biotope Vivariums
  • Custom made Natural Backgrounds
  • Mixed Substrates
  • Reconditioning

Why our products

  • High quality (the lowest prices on the market on selected products)
  • Originality (our vivariums you won’t find anywhere else)
  • The widest possible range of products (… still expanding)
  • Reliability and individual approach



Komodo island