Biotope aquariums & River monsters

Welcome in our new section Biotope aquariums & River monsters. Most of you know from our Youtube channel that we’re big fans of Monster fish keeping. After many positive messages, emails and talks from you we decided to add another nice thing to business and expand to aquatic industry. I’ve been keeping piranhas and also other predatory fish species for many years, may be now it’s good time to show our long time skills and experience. I really don’t want to talk about aquatic species here and their requirements, because internet is full of those information and details from various breeders and keepers across the world.

red belly piranha

So what’s this really about? Here are pictures and details about our tanks, our species we keep for long time and eventually sell them with brand new setups. Biotope aquarium is not paludarium or vivarium, there’re much more factors to control and care about. If you’re monster fish lover, this part is right for you :)) if you would like to order biotope aquarium or riparium from us, you’re more than welcome . We will provide maximum information to make you fully satisfied – including our own delivery to you, full service and guarantee. It’s basically same thing we provide all the time, just with own delivery and service, which is optional with vivariums and paludariums.





















Our species:

  • Pygocentrus nattereri            Red belly piranha
  • Pygocentrus piraya               Yellow belly piranha
  • Hoplias malabaricus            Wolf fish
  • Hydrolycus scomberoides    Vampire fish
  • Serrasalmus rhombeus       Black piranha
  • Polypterus lapradei
  • Polypterus delhezi 
  • Ctenolucius hujeta               Fresh water barracuda
  • Gymnothorax tile                 Fresh water Moray eel