Biotope vivarium for Yemen chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus)

Mountain regions (Mahwit Mountains) of Yemen in the Arab Emirates with an area 203, 850 sq miles and temperature around 86 Fahrenheit.

Vivarium – (L) 800mm x (W) 700mm x (H) 1000mm

For this biotope vivarium we have chosen the savannah and subtropics plants. Ficus benjamina is native to Hawaii or islands of Southeast Asia not to Yemen district but chameleons love them and they are easy to keep in vivarium so we have decided to use them as well. They can grow to big size.
aren’t coming from Yemen district. Original habitat is Hawaii or islands of the south-east Asia. But I should say that chameleons love them and it’s not hard to keep them in vivarium. They can grow to big size.

  • Aloe vera
  • Aloe reitzii
  • Dracaena marginata
  • Tilandsia cyanea
  • Tilandsia capitata
  • Tilandsia tricolor
  • Ficus benjamina

Natural background
Reptiles Substrate for Tortoises
KERA-NATUR Natural bowl
KERA-NATUR Light shade

Special Light unit made by us. It’s suitable for two or three T8 18W 600mm tubes. We used only two, one for UVB 5.0 Arcadia and second one for 6500K light tube. It’s perfect for daylight simulation.

We have a lot of experience with keeping reptiles with classic bulb and never had a problem in our glass vivariums with fire. We used high quality heat resistant cable with ceramic holder so you don’t need a thermostat. Only timer, which will setup right period between day and night. For this vivarium is fine to use classic 100W bulb that is efficient to maintain the optimal temperature.