Biotope vivarium

Biotope vivariums simulate life in nature. We are able to create dry forest, rain forest, savanna, deserts, valley of the river etc. They are natural, easy to maintain, looks great and became luxury accessories for your house, apartment, office, shop, tattoo saloon, restaurant, waiting room, schools, etc.









We are producing glass vivariums from the smallest ( 200x200x200 mm) to the biggest size (1800x1000x1000mm). Vivariums are glued with high quality silicones (clear, black) ensuring the water tightness along the edges. Every order is proccessed individualy because we want to create the vivarium exactly the way you want it! We will keep in touch by sending you pictures of the progress and also consult the process with you, so the finished vivarium is 100% according to your requirements.










is probably the best option for traders and breeders. Natural backgrounds could be made on 1,2 and 3 walls. Our vivariums are stackable which can save lots of space in your room. Multiple orders come with great discount.

  • Glass vivarium with natural background (back wall, two wall, three wall)
  • Glass vivarium with lighting (UVA,UVB,RGB,INFRA)











Thats actually highlight of our business, if you browse our gallery page or saw our vivariums on Facebook, Instagram or live, you can clearly see that we’re specialists in making and setting live habitats for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We have made over 3000+ full setups so far and thankfully, this number is still expanding. Full setups are ussually made for customers which want to save their money and time with buying equipment separately from various traders.

We make our vivariums from scratch so you can choose absolutely any size and shape of your vivarium. We make sure the size is suitable and discuss all details with you before you place deposit. We will provide you with all details from beginning till delivery process. Another benefit is we keep in touch with you during the progress and send you some pictures and video. After all we make a nice video and uploading on our Youtube channel.

You can absolutely choose from wide range of options from classic standard types to exclusive setups with proper live habitats. We just need to know what you would like, size of vivarium and species you wanna keep. We will go back to you asap with prices and some options. Here we have some natural habitats we create in our DDREPTILES vivariums.

  • Australian, Mexican and African desert, semi-desert
  • Middle-East  desert, semi-desert
  • North American and European dry forest, grasslands
  • African grassland, Australian savanna
  • South American rainforest, African rainforest, Southeast Asian rainforest
  • Coastal and tropical island
  • Rainforest river habitat
  • Lava field habitat


STANDARD – standard requirements for breeding of the individual species.  vivarium is suitbale for wide range of species living in habitat (forest, desert, savannah)
( background on back wall only, internal light unit + 6500K daylight or UVB, heating, mixed substrate, moss, plants, decoration)










CUSTOM – optimal requirements for breeding of the individual species which is exactly set for you and your species. You can choose your favourite brands and also discuss the design of habitat, for example where would you like to place heating, lights. you can also describe your natural background design – burow, cave, hides, rocks, ledges, etc.










EXCLUSIVE – best requirements for the breeding of the individual species, which has basically same points as custom type, just with best quality equipment  on market, bigger display volume, some of the rare plant species and excellently set natural habitat.











  • Highly reflective units with max. reflex; light shining into vivarium
  • Options to install various interior lighting
  • Position of the lights is always horizontal
  • Lighting will enable the plant growth but protect your eyes
  • water-proof and heat-resistant
  • safe for your pets










  • inside the vivarium
  • suitable for reptiles requiring UV-B
  • recommended for all biotope vivariums
  • surface treatment is the same as natural background motive


  • above the vivarium
  • suitable for all reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
  • recommended for tropical biotopes



Every natural vivarium must have a substrate designed for the specific type of environment, which meets the needs of the animals and plants to be housed in the vivarium. Mixed substrates simulate the kinds of soils found in the animals’ natural environments, but are designed to function appropriately in an enclosed vivarium environment.










Because all our vivariums are custom made, the best way to contact us for free quote. We accept 50% non-refundable deposit to start your project. For example 4ft corn snake vivariums take aprox. 7-14 days  to build.  Please notice there could be delay due to unexpected circumstances (material, delivery, etc.) We work practically on similar basis like tattoo studios, so we keep ”customer waiting list” if we’re extremely busy. We inform customer about  all details before we start project.


Deposit required to start project. Outstanding balance must be paid before enclosure is ready for shipping or delivery.


  • Collection from Reptile shows
  • Door to Door service  –  We use our (responsible) private courier , so vivariums are packed to boxes with stuffing and protect with polystyrene sheets. Packages are marked as FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP.
  • Our DDREPTILES service – comes with instalation and service
  • Pallette shipping overseas and Europe


We will try to meet all of our customer’s needs, requirements and queries and provide an excellent service so please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can read our customers feedback here:

We look forward to hearing from you.
DDReptiles team