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setups Gonocephalus species

26th May, 2019

Corner shape paludarium for Gonocephalus sp. Size: length 900mm x 1000mm high with 700mm and 500mm wide walls. Setup comes with drilled holes for misting system, fogger, aquarium filter. external light unit our brand with day and colour LED lights ReptiGlo UVB 5.0, halogen heater two wall natural background decoration, bioactive substrate, moss live plants, […]

Hello guys in 2019 !!!

22nd January, 2019

We have a great news ! We got the opportunity to make  biotope ddreptiles vivarium with custom full setup for Bornean Earless monitor lizards (Lanthanotus borneensis) !!! So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. This project is already in progress :))) !!! Picture credit: Matthijs Kuijpers of Reptiles4all  


1st December, 2018


Exclusive Rainforest setup for juvenille Roughneck monitor lizard (Amsterdam)

19th December, 2017

Roughneck monitor lizard (Varanus rudicollis) Please watch videos bellow to find out all details about this fantastic project. Colour LED lights make our vivariums interesting and give you also opportuinity to watch your specie during the night. Remote control included. The vivarium was originally ordered for Shinisaurus crocodilurus (Chinese crocodile lizards), that’s why the semi-aquatic base […]

Exclusive 5ft setups …

21st June, 2017

AUSTRALIA 5.5x2x2ft (160x60x60cm) exclusive natural vivarium with australian desert habitat. This was a custom made order with 3 wall background, internal light unit + 5ft led uva daylight tube, t5 arcadia system + 54W 12% uvb tube. Mixed substrate for dry kind, decoration, live plants and moss, top ventilation and two basking spot lights (200W). […]

Royal python vivarium – Forest + waterfall

3rd February, 2017

PRICE £458.00 for complete full setup vivarium Semi-aquatic vivarium with waterfall aquatic plants natural background pond, water filter mixed substrate live plants and moss external light unit + day lights, night led lights, remote control, ceramic heater Size 100x40x55cm (3.5ft) Here is a quick video from installation in Bristol. Customer asked for size 100x40x40cm with […]

the Paludarium for Green tree python

1st January, 2017

            We love to make vivariums/paludariums for Green tree pythons and here is another EXCLUSIVE setup for them. Full size 4x2x4ft (120x60x120cm) with rainforest habitat, external light unit + ceramic heater, daylight led and colour led lights. Live plants, moss and aquatic plants. Pond + water filter and water heater. […]