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14th March, 2016

NEW! Now you can find all our videos on Youtube – full setup and part setup vivariums, videos from private collection and videos from instalations with reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-5uJWqExy4MoPWXj1cp5yg   Picture of Green tree python enclosure 4x2x3.5ft (120x60x90cm + external light unit 120x60x15cm) with Rainforest habitat. Fogger, pond, natural decoration, v-type holders for keeping […]

Green tree python vivariums

30th December, 2015

So many times happened that people are asking us questions if it’s possible to show our vivariums from private collection. We try to keep all our reptiles in natural vivariums of our DDREPTILES brand with different setups and habitats. So, we decide to show you Green tree python vivariums, they’re such beautiful species and nice […]

Christmas 2015 SALE ON

8th December, 2015

CHRISMASS SALE ON for LEOPARD GECKO VIVARIUMS 20 – 30% off We take all orders till 12th December 2015. All vivariums will be delivered 23rd December 2015. We don’t stock any of these sizes at the moment, so please book your vivarium asap. What’s included in the price? Natural background (hides, ledges, cave, rocks), decoration […]

Vivariums for shows, events and exhibitions …

30th June, 2015

Many of you are asking, what types of natural vivariums will be on our display at the different shows. We always try to take with us wide range of terrestrial and arboreal size vivariums with different habitats for all of the attended events. Most of our vivariums is around sizes 600mm (2ft) but we normally […]