Exclusive Rainforest setup for juvenille Roughneck monitor lizard (Amsterdam)


Roughneck monitor lizard (Varanus rudicollis)

large terarium for monitor lizard

Please watch videos bellow to find out all details about this fantastic project.


Colour LED lights make our vivariums interesting and give you also opportuinity to watch your specie during the night. Remote control included.

naturalhabitat coconut-terarium-design

vivarium terarium aquatic

The vivarium was originally ordered for Shinisaurus crocodilurus (Chinese crocodile lizards), that’s why the semi-aquatic base with waterfall, water filters, etc.  Owner then decided to keep here temporary a juvenille Roughneck monitor but we all believe this enclosure will house The Quince monitor   (Varanus melinus) one day.


Here we have step by step part setups from our workshop with individually testing sections (backgrounds, lights, aquatic area, waterfall, plants, temperatures, humidity, etc.)


We tested this enclosure around 10 days to make sure all works great and automatically.


Amsterdam, the beautiful city which was a pleasure to visit. Chris Rushmer is not only customer, friend and passionate reptile keeper but also great tattoo artist. In very short time I walked back to hotel with my favourite DWA specie in forearm – Black mamba.  http://www.thebluebloodstudios.com/