Green tree python vivariums

green tree python vivarium

So many times happened that people are asking us questions if it’s possible to show our vivariums from private collection. We try to keep all our reptiles in natural vivariums of our DDREPTILES brand with different setups and habitats. So, we decide to show you Green tree python vivariums, they’re such beautiful species and nice display animals. Arboreal snakes are very popular and we make these sizes very often – for example for Emerald tree boa, Amazon tree boa, Carpet python, etc. There is a wide range of natural vivariums for GTPs due to their size, setup, decoration, etc.
In our collection we keep GTP Jaya Pura separate because the breeding projects and also the size of enclosures. I personally like and use idea of V-type holders for vines, branches and lianas. They guarantee horizontal and stable position as this snakes like to coil on branches while relaxing. Live plants, mixed substrate, LED light, halogen lights and natural background make vivarium very interesting. Sizes at this moment are 500x500x600mm for our 4 years old snakes and everything works fine. Temperatures during the day cycle 28-32C with 10hr light period. Night temperatures between 22 – 25C. A daily misting helps maintain humidity to 60-80%. Vivariums in our collection for snakes are only standard type.


We offer to our customers – part and full setup vivariums with standard or exclusive type of habitat.

Standard type:
background on back wall, substrate, water bowl, v-type holders, led light, live moss and plants and halogen spot lights.

  • 450x450x450mm from £155.00
  • 500x500x600mm from £189.00
  • 600x600x600mm from £210.00


Exclusive type:
More effective background (pots, rocks, ledges, etc), mixed substrate, swimming pool, more decoration, bigger size vivarium, two vents, well planted, external light unit with high-quality lights, thermostat, nocturnal heat spot, humidifier, waterfall, etc.

  • (3ft) 500x500x1000mm from £355.00
  • (4ft) 600x600x1200mm from £425.00