Movie scene vivariums

NEW and LIMIT EDITION – are probably best two signs how to start this section. We were always asked to create movie scene in our vivariums. Well, it’s not something we wanted to do before, because we were afraid to not filling our enclosures with artificial decoration, but … creating natural habitats which catch movie scenery sounds absolutely great. So here we go …

What we offer?

  • custom made sizes from 40x30x30cm
  • TWO TYPES – Enclosure (vivarium, paludarium, riparium, etc.) and Display (model from movie scenery)
  • setting natural habitat from your favorite movie, comic book, pc game, etc.
  • enclosures will be suitable, secured and safe for your species
  • original design and prices, so we will discuss all with you before you place order
  • worldwide shipping, guarantee, door to door delivery service
  • you can choose from wide range of movies, comic books, pc games, etc.
  • more than 500+ various figures made by professional designers













  • example of 2ft (60x45x40) paludarium with dark forest habitat from movie Alien: Covenant
  • you can find video on our YouTube channel



It’s basically vivarium, paludarium, terrarium, riparium, etc. with all standards as we always do for species (reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, fish) with a little difference – it will have movie effect design. For example: Jurassic park, Avatar, Apocalypto, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Alien, Indiana Jones, Prometheus, etc.

























It’s model, this type is more detailed, so we can ”play” with it. There is option for using character figures if available. If we talk about natural conditions – live plants, moss, substrate, decoration, water will be used + led lights, timer, filter, fogger, etc. for catching individual atmosphere from your favorite movie. Because it’s not enclosure, it will be fully secured with glass as glass box with opening top lid and gaps for air circulation.








What we expect from you, if you ‘re interested about Movie scene vivarium is:

  • picture from your favorite movie part
  • size, species
  • delivery address (location only)