Royal python vivarium – Forest + waterfall

royal-python-natural-setup royal-python-natural-vivarium

PRICE £458.00 for complete full setup vivarium

  • Semi-aquatic vivarium with waterfall
  • aquatic plants
  • natural background
  • pond, water filter
  • mixed substrate
  • live plants and moss
  • external light unit + day lights, night led lights, remote control, ceramic heater
  • Size 100x40x55cm (3.5ft)

Here is a quick video from installation in Bristol. Customer asked for size 100x40x40cm with forested habitat, pond and waterfall. So we did it …

* please note, this size is not suitable for fully grown royal python. We make these setups in 4ft and 5ft sizes as well.

Payment plan:

  • Deposit £148.00 + 4x  £77.50 monthly payments with 0% interrest