Hi All,

Please be carefull, this person hacked our Instagram and Facebook pages. Basically we dont have any access to pages to see clients list, etc. There’re many of people which are waiting for enclosures at the moment.

So please dont send any deposits or pay outstanding ballance to different invoices … he can see all conversations and details since 2012, there is a high risk he will pretending to be me or member of our team with different payment methods.
Im asking you please for sharing this because I need to get back to existing clients with progress and details.
Hopefully we will get pages back … one day.
Thank you.

Best Regards,



This person hacked our DDREPTILES business accounts on Instagram and Facebook. He may ask you in our name for payments and details. Here is our new provisional pages, hope we get it back soon

NEW INSTAGRAM PAGE: @ddreptiles.co.uk_new

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:    Ddreptiles.co.uk


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