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Many of you are asking, what types of natural vivariums will be on our display at the different shows. We always try to take with us wide range of terrestrial and arboreal size vivariums with different habitats for all of the attended events. Most of our vivariums is around sizes 600mm (2ft) but we normally have on tables one or two bigger vivariums, medium sizes like 600x400x300mm for leopard geckos, hatchling snakes, etc. Compact (cube) sizes 300x300x300mm for geckos, tarantulas, scorpions, etc. You can expect small or medium sizes at Invertebrate shows and semi-aquatic setups, rainforest habitats at Amphibian shows.
All our displayed vivariums are made for wide range of reptiles, amphibian and invertebrates just to make sure we can cover all the possibilities as there are different animals displayed at the different shows. We make them in universal sizes and setups (forest, desert, savannah, rainforest). We strive to make them so they are not just hand-made, natural, good looking and suitable for your pet but also for the reasonable price. Each design is unique made on order so prices may vary. They are made ”from scratch” so we are happy to advise and consult with you any queries so please do not hesitate and ask us anything!


If you browse our pictures you can see we have displayed vivarium with the living animal inside on the last couple of shows too! At British Tarantula Society (BTS) show we had a natural forest vivarium with Antilles pink toe tarantula (Avicularia versicolor) and at International herpetological society (IHS) show we had a medium size vivarium of middle-east habitat with Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius). These two are excellent example for the ones who would like to see how it all works in real life and also see the behaviour of animals inside the vivariums. They are not for sale as they are from our private collection but please come closer next time and have a look our little gecko love being adored.


It’s always better to book your vivarium three or two weeks before the show ( if you like us to deliver it there for free). Please email us if you are interested and we can start your project straight away! Each vivarium is customised for you and your animal and we normally consult with you the design and building strategy before we start. Once the design & price is agreed and deposit is paid. It usually takes 7-10 days to complete your order (the time may vary and depends on size, technicality etc.). Once the order is finished you will receive the final picture of your vivarium.
Your order will be delivered to the show where you can pay the rest of the agreed price in person. We would test and explain all the components of the vivarium to you and also give you a quick know-how about the maintenance. All our vivariums are always wrapped and packed for a safe journey and come with 1 year guarantee.

• British Tarantula Society (Coventry)
• International Herpetological Society (Doncaster)
• Yorkshire Invertebrate Show (Leeds)
• M.A.D – Morpeth Amphibian Day (Newcastle)
• Midland Entomological Fayre (Newark)
• Exotic Pet Awareness day (Birmingham)
• North East Pet and Exotic Animal Show (Darlington)

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